What are the Prerequisites to run this app?

Pre-Installed software

  • node >= v10.15.3
  • npm >= v6.13
  • yarn >= 1.17.3
  • Ensure that react-native CLI development tools and their prerequisites are installed globally.
    The instructions are a bit different depending on your operating system (MacOS, Windows, Linux) and the target development environment (Android, OS).
    You must follow the guide in the tab labeled Building Projects with Native Code. The basic tutorial explaining the main principles of React Native is also very useful for a first start of React Native.
Opt #1. Download ZIP
Not familiar with Git? Download the Full Version of the theme. Extract the contents of ZIP file after downloading. Downloading ZIP file does not help you to sync with further updates of the App.
Opt #2. Clone using GitStrap Web Client
To setup the Full Version for the App on your system, with gitstrap tools to sync your app with constant updates, clone the repo.

Install packages for Full Version

$ cd project-coffee-menu-folder
$ cd ios
$ pod install
$ cd ..
$ yarn or npm i
Run on iOS
  • Opt #1:
    • Open the project in Xcode from ios/coffeemenu.xcworkspace
    • Click run button to simulate
  • Opt #2:
    • Run react-native start or npx react-native start or npm start
    • Run react-native run-ios in your terminal
Run on Android
  • Make sure you have an Android emulator installed and running
  • Run react-native start or npx react-native start or npm start
  • Run react-native run-android in your terminal
To access the app After running the application on your emulator or device, there are two types of pre-registered users, admin ([email protected]) and common user ([email protected]). Use one of these users or create others to test the app, but only regular users will be created. After login, test all the features you want.